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Kawar Distillery Our Story
Family Business

The distillery, owned by the Kawar family, has been producing arak, vodka, wine, brandy and other distilled beverages for three generations, from the Galilee grapes, Syrian anise and other high-quality raw materials. The distillery products have become sought after all over the world and wan a variety of international awards due to the combination of the long-standing refining tradition, innovation and creativity that characterizes the younger generation in the family.


Iskander Kawar, the head of the family, sets up a home distillery and starts making arak


Beij Kawar, Iskander’s son, sets up a professional distillery in Nazareth


Alaa and Anan, Kawar, a third-generation distillery, turn the distillery into an advanced factory, which includes: an innovative production system, a state-of-the-art laboratory and a strict quality control system. Their choice of fine Syrian anise miraculously raises the quality of the arak


First gold medal for Arak Kawar, in the international wine and wine competition TerraVino


First international gold medal for Arak Kawar, in the IWSC competition held in London, UK


Kawar Distillery produces seven types of arak, three types of vodka, Galili brandy and other beverages that are widely acclaimed locally and internationally.

The distillery

Kawar Distillery, established over 70 years ago is one of the oldest and highest quality distilleries in Israel. Located in the Tsiporit Industrial Zone in Galilee, it has a research and development laboratory which guarantees that the flavors and textures of our arak, brandy, and other beverages maintain their persisting quality and a trend of continuous improvement. In order to maintain high standards, the distillery employs the highest quality control system in Israel and in the world, which complies with ISO 9001:2008 HACCP,GMP.