Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the meaning of the word "arak"?

A: Arak means "perspiration" in Arabic. The image relates to the distillation process in which drops of condensed alcohol resemble drops of perspiration.

Q: What are the components of arak?

A: Arak is made from three basic components: grape alcohol, aniseed and water. Kawar Arak is produced from 100% natural ingredients including alcohol from sweet white grapes, natural aniseed, and reverse osmosis (RO) purified water.

Q: How does one drink arak?

A: The accepted way to drink arak is to pour it into a relatively thin and narrow glass, add water (according to taste), and only then add ice cubes (optional). After water is added, arak's appearance changes – going from transparent and clear to a white "milky" color. This natural phenomenon occurs since the oil produced from aniseed is soluble in alcohol but not in water. As water is added, the percentage of alcohol declines, as does the spirit's ability to dissolve fats. When water comes into contact with arak, the anise oil is separated from the alcohol. The addition of ice cubes lowers the temperature, and causes the anise oil to rise to the surface (in the shape of "perspiration" drops that form inside the glass).

For this reason, one should not put ice cubes in a glass before pouring arak. In such a case, the cold ice "breaks down" the arak so that the anise oil rises to the surface and is completely separated from the mixture. That is why it's recommended to first pour the arak, then add water, and only then add ice cubes, if desired.

Q: Should arak be refrigerated?

A: There's no need to refrigerate arak even after the bottle is opened.

Q: How does one differentiate between various types of arak?

A: By its smell, taste and alcoholic content. Kawar Arak is exclusively made from 100% natural ingredients (i.e. grape alcohol, natural aniseed and purified water) rather than synthetic materials (i.e. synthetic alcohol and anise essence). As a result, a 100% natural, premium arak delivers an enhanced sensory experience.

Q: Is arak good for one's health?

A: Among alcoholic beverages, arak is one of the beverages that improves one's health. Aniseed produces anise oil that is used for medicinal purposes (with about 85% of the worldwide anise yield used in the pharmaceutical industry). Pure arak is good for the heart, bloodstream and digestive system, reduces intestinal gas, and prevents nausea and headaches. It is known for destroying bacteria, and even relieving sore throats and toothaches. Arak also increases vitality and uplifts one's mood.

Beyond its primary role as an alcoholic beverage and aperitif, arak is used in the perfume and food industries. In addition, anise and fish is known to be a winning combination in the kitchen.

Q: What is the difference between Kawar's three different types of arak?

A: The difference is in the alcoholic content. Kawar offers all three premium brands – Traditional Black, Classic Red and Delicate Green – to deliver a wider range of tastes to discerning consumers. All three are of a high quality, made exclusively from natural ingredients, and produced by an advanced distillation method.

Q: What is the advantage of Kawar's cutting-edge production process?

A: The technological process is directly related to the taste and pureness of the final product. Typical arak production is carried out via old-fashioned methods that may result in a different taste from one bottle to the next. Kawar's production method features sterile manufacturing conditions requiring no human intervention. Kawar's quality-control system ensures just the right temperature, distillation and measurements throughout the unique production process, guaranteeing that each drop in every bottle has the same rich taste.

Q: From what kind of grapes is Kawar Arak produced?

A: Sweet white grapes especially rich in sugar content.

Q: Why is it important that the grapes have high sugar content?

A: In the grape fermentation process, a "meeting" of the sugar and yeast takes place, leading to a particular alcoholic concentration – the higher the sugar content of the grapes, the higher the alcoholic content.

Q: Does Kawar Arak contain methanol?

A: Kawar Arak is 100% methanol-free. Methanol contains poison that endangers the central nervous system and can even cause blindness.

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