Production Process

Kawar Arak is produced with the world's most advanced technology and at the highest standards – all while preserving the best of traditional arak production techniques. As a result of its meticulous production process – including the use of particular grape varieties, pure water, natural aniseed, and multi-stage distillation – the Kawar plant produces a pure high-quality product with a smooth and rich taste.

Production Stages

  1. Pressing and filtration of white grapes
  2. Fermentation and distillation of grapes until the juice becomes alcohol
  3. Secondary distillation of alcohol with aniseed – until anise oil is extracted
  4. Third distillation of alcohol, in order to produce all of the oil and the aromatic substances of the aniseed, where the pure liquid drips on the natural aniseed
  5. Setting aside of arak for about three months
  6. Storage of arak at room temperature


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